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The End Of A Saga 2020

By WF Staff December 20, 2019

May the faith be with you. After Star Wars, these words have shaken the world of everyone: a new hope has been published. Who knew it would be such a massive trend. When I was five years old, I remember watching one of the movies. I was asking at that moment, "What's this?"What's happening?”. I remember my uncle exposing me to Star Wars again a few years later. I first looked at and fell in love with the original trilogy. The movies were so dimensional and imaginative. My entire life was changed by the Skywalker Saga. I remember running around the house like my lightsaber with a broomstick, imitating the sounds of Darth Vader. I might have broken a couple of vases and crockery, but no regrets. My childhood was essentially defined by Star Wars.

It was revealed a few years ago that Disney had purchased Star Wars and a new trilogy is being planned. I've been in the pleasure. I couldn't believe I was going to live in an era where almost every year there are new Star Wars movies. Now it's 2019, the Skywalker Saga's final film is on the way-' Skywalker's Rise.' I'm going to say that's the best title for the final chapter. Things have been a bit shaky for the franchise since the new era began. Force Awakens was a smash hit, but the fandom was split by The Last Jedi. Rogue One was a welcome change, but Solo: The curiosity was hardly captured by a Star Wars Story. Yet things now appear to change. The film trailer released in October restored the confidence of everyone in the saga.
The thing about Star Wars is that while it's a space opera, it's the Skywalker family's tale more. From Anakin Skywalker, the most powerful force user ever to slip to the dark side and save him from his children and bring balance to the force. We ended this story years ago, but this new trilogy inspired a new generation with lots of questions and the most amazing storytelling to date. Eventually, years of questions will be resolved. Who's King? Who are her parents really? Can you save Kylo Ren? What's the strength? What's the legacy going to be? So this is the last of the saga? Too many questions that have not yet been resolved. Skywalker's Rise is getting too much on its plate.

Now, I can't really wait a couple of days away. I don't want to see it at the same time. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to those characters I've been in love with. Traveling through the galaxy with Chewie and the gang in the Millennium Falcon, the lightsaber duels, the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the dog fights, the various superweapons that are lost, the forms in which the works and the Skywalker family are forced into action that may not be bound by blood but are with their hearts and minds. It's going to be a memorable experience that I'll never forget.

Maybe I'll watch the sunset after watching the film. Like every major character of the saga at the end of the film. In reality, poetic.

As the teaser says,' Saga is going to end, but the story is going to live forever.'
May the force be with you. Always.

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