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How to Style for Date Nights - 2020 Guide

By WF Staff December 18, 2019

We were all on the night of a date. Date nights are fun and you're likely to get an adrenaline rush that's great for getting started. You're excited about things you've always wanted, and if you're going on a date night, be it. The stress of having a perfect outfit, makeup, and hairdo might keep you wondering what if that's wrong. Let's admit it, if styling goes wrong for a special night, it could make a bad impression on the mind of your partner. It is therefore important to look perfect for the night of your wedding. Whether it's the first tinder date or meeting someone you've known for a long time, your style and trust will definitely define the day's fate.

The first suggestion for a perfect date night is to put your comfort above style. Because if you wear something with which you are not comfortable, it will gradually appear through your actions now and then. And that's not the kind of feeling you want the person you're planning to meet for the first time or after a long time.

So, to make things easy for you, we're thinking about some of the date night ideas and date night looks that will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but also help you make a great first impression on your intended partner. Surely these tips will make your date night unforgettable.

If you're curious about different date night ideas or if you're unsure about your next date schedule, here's the collated list of different date night ideas and the date night outfit ideas that will make you look ready for the same thing.

Movie Date

Movie date may sound like a date night cliché or old-school idea, but it's so much more than that. Movie dates are the best if you're on a first date or blind date as it gives you an ice breaker and takes you away from awkward conversations and small-talks. Movie dates are also perfect for couples who are married or already dating couples because after a long time they could spend some quiet quality time.

Coffee Date

Another cool idea for a first date is a coffee date. There are several reasons to say what we've just done. First of all, you don't have to worry about looking really nice and keeping it relaxed and easy as it's a coffee place. Furthermore, your entire focus remains on knowing the person you intend to know, not the style of coffee or dressing. It is a perfect setting for a full first date or blind dates as it will allow you to move more freely when it comes to the plans.

Dinner Date

Also a dinner date is a great way to get more information about your friend. If you're looking for something romantic and classy, dinner dates will definitely be your go - to-date night schedule. You will tell a lot about your partner's dinner dates. The way they treat the restaurants serving and waiting staff, the way they talk to you, the amount of time they've spent on the phone, and much more. Dinner dates will let you know your partner, such as the choice of food, the type of spices they love, or simply whether your partner loves to be cheesy (with food, of course) just like you.

Beach Date

Beaches are the earth's most serene areas. There's nothing more romantic than the beach date with the ocean waves at the shore and a beautiful sunset at a distance. You will enjoy the beautiful coastal evening or just splashing around in the ocean water or a passionate kiss as the sun sets. Clicking on some of the memorable moments on an idyllic beach date could be a thing to do.

Concert Date

Concert date for both partners can be a very different dating experience. Concerts will also keep you entertained all day long. When you decide on a date for the concert, both chances are a major fan of the band. Other ways to enjoy the concert date can be to dance to the music or sing between the lines.

Some of the best ways to enjoy the time with your loved ones are the settings listed above. Dressing up is a challenge for most people, so fashion is important when it's something like a first date or a blind date. Styling is not just about the best outfit for the occasion or place, but also about the hairstyling and make-up that would make you look complete.

So, if you're confused about what to wear for a date night or first date outfit, here's the list that could help you impress your partner.

1.Movie Date outfits 2020

Movie dates can be fun and supportive if you're on the first movie date to get along with your friend. It's also a great choice if you see someone already and enjoy the romantic movie night of the cliché and old-school. But it's just as important to style yourself correctly for a movie night. It has to be trendy and convenient, so you're looking on-trend. Dress yourself with the perfect matching movie date dress.

Go for a trendy polka dot dress to bring out your flirtious and playful personality. The polka dots will certainly make you look innocent and girly, but your personality will also be brought out well.

To wear something chic and equally comfortable, you have to sit for the movie for long hours and its best. Tell your favorite jeans bye and get the trending palaces. If you want something classy and comfortable, the palazzos are perfect. Use a shrug or jacket to pair your favorite palaces, and you'll see it work on itself.

As the fashion season is for everyone, people are also in the race to look their best. But men, like women, put their best foot forward so that they can fit their partner. Choose a casual T-shirt as it's more about comfort and casual styling for a movie date.

Choose a bright T-shirt as the colors will make you look good and relaxed. Go for shirts such as red, orange, green, or blue.

2.Coffee Date Outfits

Anything can be discussed with coffee, and the best thing is to go and talk to your partner on a date with a coffee mug in one hand. So, look for the same thing for your casual self and make a statement ideal for the coffee date.

Nail the palazzo looks for a coffee-ready look with a trendy crop top. Palazzos are unquestionably luxurious, and there's no other way you can extend your game of style and comfort than the palazzos.

Floral clothes are telling it all. All you need for a casual coffee date is a happy-go-lucky look. For your next coffee date, floral dresses are great.

Dates for coffee are casual dates, so people don't need a lot of spice. Overdressing could also cause problems. So it's your way to go to dress casually. With a pair of ripped jeans, keep it simple and a shirt should go with casual sneakers.

3.Dinner Date Outfits

For a sophisticated look, enjoy a great dinner date and dress up. You can keep it simple and elegant, or, depending on your place, you can pick up something modern.

Keep it cool with the denim dress this season. Denim dresses give you a casual look as well as a flirty look if you choose a shoulder-baring model. So if you schedule a casual dinner date, you'll have to go for a denim shirt. Use a chic plain shirt to pair your denim dress.

Jumpsuits are the next best addition to the wardrobe for your date night outfit. Jumpsuits paired with a leather jacket can give your favorite dinner date look a certain level of sophistication.

Men can play dark denim, bringing with them a timeless classic style. Dark denim coupled with a dress shirt will add to your look a classic touch, making it a perfect date ensemble.

Chinos will certainly enhance your feel for a dinner date. If denim is something that you don't like anywhere, and pants make you look like a guy heading to the workplace, then reach for the chinos. Chinos are on the trend right now, and they pair up with anything incredibly well. A dress shirt can be matched with it well and a blazer or jacket can be added.

4.Beach Date Outfit

One of the most romantic dates you will spend with your partner is the beach dates. Whether it's your favorite beach resort or sunset on the seaside, you'll be at the top of the world in both cases. Some of the best beach date outfit ideas can not only give you the beach vibes, but also make the environment breezy and romance-friendly.

Use denim shorts to pair your favorite bikini top and see the magic. It's perfect as it makes you look beach-ready for a beach date. If it's going to be a night and you're going to enjoy the ideal sunset, you should apply a cover-up to the layering. With a trendy cover-up, you will wear a perfect look at the beach and head out for a romantic evening.

Men can search for the beach date casually. Wearing a jacket with bright shirts and pairing it with a pair of gorgeous Bermuda shorts can be your take on a beach date or a beach party with your SO to attend.

View your look for a good night's date


1. Casual date accessories

Movie and coffee dates should be comfortable as it creates an environment for conversation. They help you talk about things you like and don't like in your head. For the first date and blind dates, these types of dates are preferred. Casual dates have two advantages— there is no stress in dressing up, just that it should be presentable enough, and for such scenarios, keeping it minimal works great.

Use minimal style watches to control your casual look. Watches are the perfect way to make your look accessories. Your style would certainly add up to the correct selection of watches. Combining with a great pair of sunglasses or glares would give to your casual look a finishing touch.

It would also be great for women to pair a polka dot dress with a stunning watch. A cross body bag or a small backpack should do the trick to store and add to your style.

2.Dinner date accessories

Dinner dates are a great opportunity to learn more about your partner. Sometimes, having a positive first impression on your date is the right place and time. It's going to be a perfect way to dress and style.

If you're wearing a dress shirt and a blazer that's the perfect choice for a casual dinner date, then the trick will definitely be to accessorize it with a bow and a pocket square. Accessories are sure to take up a notch to your style game.

Lapel flower is a beautiful decoration that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. If your cup of tea is not a pocket square or floral necklace, then go for this special piece. Not only will it make you stand out from the crowd, it will also make you try to dress differently and aspire to have a special outfit.

A stylish and elegant watch doesn't have to be overlooked because it always brings a sense of style to your outfit and let's admit that it keeps us on our toes, so we hit the date before the clock.

Use a clutch to pair your jumpsuits to give you a minimal look and stay ready for the most awaited dinner. Carrying your essential elements in a chic clutch can be a great way to set a dinner date.

Denim dresses are a very casual yet flirtious way of dressing, especially if they have an accent on the shoulder. With a black handbag and black watch, you can accessorize your look to match your casual dinner date look.

3. Beach date accessories

If you make it one, beach dates are cute and also fun. For a romantic evening, ocean waves and sunsets make it perfect.

Cover-ups are a perfect way to look confident for a beach trip, adding a charm to your beach date wardrobe as well. Cute fedora hat, bright tote bag and wide sunglasses contribute to the classic look of the beach. Men can use a baseball cap and sunglasses to pair their jackets and beach-ready shorts.

Footwear options to complete your date look

1. Casual date

If you enjoy nailing the laid-back look, for your next casual date step it up a notch. Dress up enough to look dressed, but it's not a choice to overdress. Going for a casual sneaker pair should be more than enough to take a step closer to your favorite look. You should wear a Chelsea boot or a derby shoe for your date which looks smart and casual enough. If you're in a movie or casual date, you can go for a canvas sneaker that's ideal for a casual setting as well as a casual look.
Dinner dates require elegance and sophistication. Dinner dates should be a little intimate as they give you a lot more information about your date. You tend to notice everything about them from their eating habits, dressing sense. Eating habits from their speaking style, if they're a listener and a lot of other little things.

2.Dinner date

If you're looking for a formal look, you should check out a great pair of oxfords. The formal presence makes a man look ready for a date. Oxford shoes are added to your game of style. You can combine it with a blazer and a dress shirt.

If you don't want a pair of derbies to look too much formal. Derbies are the perfect choice if you're not a fan of oxfords or if you're afraid to be too formal for the event.

With their favorite heels, ladies can go for an elegant and sophisticated look. To feel the difference, this dinner date holds your comfort above style. If you're going to wear a sheath dress, going for an ideal heel sandal would be great.

Strappy heels will perfectly match your dinner dress and also make your dinner date outfit look trendy. It's time to keep them hidden if you're not confident in your shoes. Comfort may cause your day and date to be ruined. Therefore, if you are not happy with the same, it is best not to wear heels.

If you're not confident with strappy heels, go for your next dinner date with a trendy pair of flats or a great date-ready ankle boots.

3. Beach date

Beaches are full of sand and their best options to keep them ready for comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes. Going for trendy flip-flops or sandals can be your way to enjoy the beach vibes and feel the warmth.

You should pair the look of the dress or bikini with the pumps on the beach for the most awaited meal.

Men can go for boat shoes as the vibes are good and they'd suit the beach well. You can pair your pants in Bermuda with an open shirt with the boat shoes that offer you a great look. If the date place is casual, flip-flops would also go well.

Hairstyles and suggestions for making up

We've all been through the time of the wrong date nights. It could be overdressed, or wearing makeup that would give a wrong impression straight away. For starters, a bold lipstick would be too much for a coffee date, because that's not how it should be. However, bold make-up may lead to a misconception of being a little high-maintenance. You can follow the ideas below to stay comfortable, ready and make your date hit-off for the next dinner date in order to avoid such scenarios.


You have to be able to look casual for a casual date, like a movie date or a coffee date, and mostly, yourself, if you know what I mean. Therefore, going through the mantra of keep-it-simple-silly is a perfect way of nailing the casual look.

Go for the first coffee date to look for a no-makeup face. It doesn't matter how beautiful you look, but how natural you look is what matters. You can use a primer to hydrate your skin and give you a natural glow that looks perfect to nail a no-makeup look. To cover your dark circles, you can use lightweight concealer for defects.

Look casual with the perfect hairdo. Hairstyles make the most of your makeup, and you should do it properly. You can go for a classic bob suitable for a coffee or movie date as it looks sleek, sweet, and the top layers give it a fun and casual touch. Waves work out the best for women with medium hair, giving you a look that adds some appeal to your casual look.

Dinner date Dinner dates are exceptional, whether in a fancy restaurant at an elegant dinner or with your boyfriend at a candlelight dinner. You have to look good, therefore, and make your dinner date even more special.

Go for smoky eyes with pink lips as it adds to your dinner-ready look a touch of elegance. Right now, the smoky eyes are also in the style and will make you look ready for dinner. You can also pair it with eyeliner and kohl to draw your unexpectedly beautiful eyes to the spotlight.

A traditional bun works best for a casual date that adds up to a more formal style of dressing. Not only will it bring to your date night wardrobe a celebrity feel, it will also give you a trendy and elegant look. Such a look is a flexible way to nail your date night, whether it's a lavish dinner or a casual home dinner.

Beach date Beach dates or beach make up might be a bit tricky, and doing it right is a must for a lovely beach date. Beach date is about loving the beach's sun and the beach's romantic vibes.

So, the first thing to do before any makeup on a beach is to start with a sunscreen that will protect your skin from sunlight and help keep your skin soft as well. Wearing a creamy makeup is a complete no for a date on the beach as the sweat can take away your foundation and concealer, resulting in greasy skin. Waterproofing is also a perfect way to fight the sunny weather on the beach. The use of waterproof concealers, mascara, and eyeliner will help you stay on the skin for a long time. Go for a BB cream that will give you a beach-ready look rather than concealers and makeup.

Go to the top knot if the water is predicted to have a dip. Ocean waves are going to pull you with your date towards them for a playful time. If that's t= something you're going to do, we recommend nailing this top bun that's going to add to your type of beach date.

Nail looks like a braid and a bun. Sure, for a beach trip, it's a special hairstyle. You can begin a French braid at the top and put it in a bun to give you a fun look when you start feeling lazy. With your beach wear, it would look good and sure to please your date.

In recent years, dating has been common, meaning meeting people and making connections. It's equally important with your styling, hairdos, and makeup to be impressive and ready for the date. Going on a date is not just about wearing clothes and a beautiful date dress, but doing it right. One of the considerations that most of them tend to forget is comfort. It will make you look relaxed and ready to prioritize comfort when choosing a new look for a date. Purchase on casual fashionable men's clothes and women's clothes.

Dating has been in its very advanced stage right now, from the first coffee dates and blind dates to tinder dates. Looking for your best for a particular occasion is important. Because it is not meant to be a lavish one, wearing a three-piece suit for a dinner date is likely to be considered overdressed. Likewise, as it is too casual for a fancy place, casual dressing or open toe sandals at a dinner date would make a mistake.

Once you pick your date outfit, comfort is one of the most important factors. If you don't feel comfortable wearing high heels or kitten heels or pencil shoes, don't stress about choosing something simple and trendy. Eventually, comfort builds confidence, and it makes you look more beautiful and ready than anything else.

Choosing a date outfit is not only about doing justice to the date and date venue, but also about your confidence and comfort. Trust not only makes you look smart and confident, it also tells you a lot about your personality. Confidence helps you to be yourself, to be smart and witty, as well as concentrating on the date rather than the pain on your face. Therefore, opting for a smart casual is good, swapping your pair of oxfords with the Derbies is perfect, and picking up those cute-looking block heel sandals is still a great way to keep up your desired look without messing up with your comfort.

These first date tips will surely make yours a good one and finally ready you for the 2nd date: selecting the right venue for a date is the first tip for the first date. It is of utmost importance to choose the right place as it sets the tone for your date.

Be on budget. Sure, it could be a bonus in many respects to be on time or to meet your date early. It indicates you're excited to meet your date. This one is for men and women alike.

It's important to keep the conversation engaging. Look in her eyes, be a little flirtious, and don't restrict the conversation to the tastes of her previous dates, work and music. You should take a unique approach that will make a good impression on you.

Keep it natural. Yeah, make sure she's relaxed, be yourself. Try to keep the conversation healthy and ensure that both of you and your intentions about the date revolve around your discussion.

Do not immerse yourself too much in your personal life, or it will make you look like a creep. Sure, bring it to the point and to the subtle. Try to understand her lifestyle, dating ideas, or it might be as easy as her hobbies. But don't want to dive deep into her life because on a first date, it wouldn't be a big move.

First dates can be uncomfortable because you don't know much about your partner's person. Take this as an opportunity to try to find out more and tell the awkwardness bye. Another way to ensure that there is no small talk can be to use your sense of humor for a friendly discussion.

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